Immunological Basis of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)


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  • Code of subject: OAF-RAR-T
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  • General Medicine
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min. 5 – max. 20

Available as Campus course for 10 fő számára. Campus-karok: ÁOK TTK


The aim of the course is to introduce the participants with the immunopathological background of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), paying special attention to the potential molecular and cellular mechanisms, beginning from the clinical features. The topics cover the role of T- and B cells, and cytokine regulation in detail. The role of new T cell groups (regulatory T cells and NKT cells) in the pathogenesis of RA will be discussed. Broadening of the "classical cytokine paradigm" (Th1/Th2): "new" cytokines (IL-17, IL-21, IL-23 and IL-27) and their potential role in RA. Complex, side-by-side discussion of experimental data from human RA patients and RA animal models is a central scope of the course. Getting acquainted with the immunological aspects of RA in detail will help the participants in the understanding of modern therapeutical approaches.




  • 1. Introduction, the aim of the course, requirements.
  • 2. Natural and pathologic autoantibodies in the blood of healthy and autoimmune patients, the "immunological homunculus" .
  • 3. Clinical features of RA (ethiology, diagnosis, symptoms).
  • 4. Cells in the pathomechanism of RA 1. T cells.
  • 5. Cells in the pathomechanism of RA 2. B cells.
  • 6. Cells in the pathomechanism of RA 3. Regulatory T cells.
  • 7. Cells in the pathomechanism of RA 4. NKT cells.
  • 8. Cytokine regulators of RA 1. The classical Th1/Th2 paradigm.
  • 9. Cytokine regulators of RA 1. IL-17 and other "novel" cytokines (IL-21, IL-23, IL-27).
  • 10. Animal models of RA 2. Induced models (proteoglycan-, collagen-, adjuvant-induced arthritis).
  • 11. Animal models of RA 3. Spontaneous models. (IL-1R antagonist knock-out-, SKG mice)
  • 12. Modern therapeutical approaches of RA.

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The slides of the seminars will be available on-line on the website of the Department of Immunology and Biotechnology (



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Maximum number of absences: 2. Participants will prepare a short talk based on a paper selected by the tutor and related to one of the topics of the seminars.

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  • Dr. Boldizsár Ferenc
  • Dr. Engelmann Péter András
  • Dr. Németh Péter János