The Department’s main research profiles focus on the mechanisms of cellular and molecular interactions during normal and pathological immune responses. Main investigated research fields by the scientist of the Department are the following:

· immunological recognition of the most conservative molecular elements of the body including cytoplasmic and cell surface structures

· role of the mitochondrial enzymes in the physiological and pathological autoimmunity

· regulation of the glucocorticoid receptor expression during the T cell differentiation

· functional morphological analysis of mouse lymphatic tissues

· early differentiation of B lymphocytes

· animal models for innate immunity

· methodical developments on current nucleic acid and immunotechniques.

 The publication activity of the Department exceeds original papers, book chapters, international and domestic scientific congress presentations, most of them published in international journals with high impact. (See the list of publications in a separated file.) The citations for these articles continuously increase according to the international data base.

The Department has established a broad international relationship with a variety of research institutes abroad, including several laboratories in Croatia, England, France, Germany, and in the USA.