Molecular Diagnostics


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Course director

  • Dr. Diána SIMON

    associate professor,
    Department of Immunology and Biotechnology

Number of hours/semester

lectures: 14 hours

practices: 0 hours

seminars: 14 hours

total of: 28 hours

Subject data

  • Code of subject: OBH-012-T
  • 2 kredit
  • Biotechnology MSc
  • Specialty in Medical Biotechnology modul
  • autumn

OBA-106-E completed

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Course headcount limitations

min. 5 – max. 25


The modern laboratory diagnostic methods, including molecular and immunological techniques will be discussed.


  • 1. Basic terms of immunologic detection methods. Antigen-antibody reactions. Sensitivity, specificity of antigen-antibody reactions. Immunoassay types. - Dr. Berki Timea
  • 2. Multiplex detection methods. Cytokine, chemokine detection methods. Biomarkers. - Dr. Berki Timea
  • 3. Immunserological methods, autoantibody testing, detection of allergen specific IgE. - Dr. Simon Diána
  • 4. The most frequently used analytical methods. Preanalytics, postanalytics. Laboratory automation. - Dr. Nagy Tamás
  • 5. Plasma protein testing methods and evaluation of results in laboratory medicine. - Dr. Nagy Tamás
  • 6. HLA and disease assotiation, methods for HLA-typing, HLA-B27 typing. Phage display. - Dr. Simon Diána
  • 7. Molecular genetics in laboratory medicine - Dr. Gombos Katalin
  • 8. Methods for locus-specific and genome-wide epigenetic studies - Dr. Rauch Tibor Attila
  • 9. Genetic diagnostics of Mendelian disorders - Dr. Berenténé Dr. Bene Judit Ágnes
  • 10. DNA and RNA sequencing technologies and applications - Urbán Péter
  • 11. Molecular diagnostics of microbes. Nucleic Acid-based Techniques (NATs) in pathogen detection. - Dr. Pankovics Péter
  • 12. Molecular diagnostics of microbes. Molecular typing methods in multi-drug resistant bacterial outbreak investigations. - Dr. Pál Ágnes (Dr. Sonnevend Ágnes Mária)
  • 13. Cytogenetics in oncological diagnostics - Dr. Kajtár Béla
  • 14. Molecular methods in precision oncology - Dr. Kajtár Béla



  • 1. Antigen-antibody reactions. Immunoassay types.
  • 2. Multiplex detection methods
  • 3. Autoantibody detection methods. Diagnostics of systemic autoimmune diseases. Laboratory diagnostics of allergy.
  • 4. Immunchemistry laboratory equipments, detection methods.
  • 5. Protein chemistry
  • 6. HLA and diseases. HlA typing. Phage display libraries.
  • 7. Genetics and molecular biology in laboratory medicine
  • 8. Methods for epigenetic studies
  • 9. Basic terms of genetic diagnostics. Genetic diagnostics of Mendelian disorders.
  • 10. DNA and RNA sequencing technologies
  • 11. Molecular diagnostics of microbes.
  • 12. Molecular diagnostics of microbes
  • 13. Cytogenetics in oncological diagnostics
  • 14. Molecular testing in oncology

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  • Dr. Simon Diána

Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Berenténé Dr. Bene Judit Ágnes
  • Dr. Berki Timea
  • Dr. Gombos Katalin
  • Dr. Kajtár Béla
  • Dr. Nagy Tamás
  • Dr. Pál Ágnes (Dr. Sonnevend Ágnes Mária)
  • Dr. Pankovics Péter
  • Dr. Rauch Tibor Attila
  • Dr. Simon Diána
  • Urbán Péter