The delegation of the Kassenärtliche Vereinigung Sachsen visited the Pécs Medical School

10 October 2022

The delegation of the KVS (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen - Saxon Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) visited the Pécs Medical School between September 15 and 17. The aim of their visit was to promote the German Program for their students after seeing the work done here. Dr. Nóra Faubl and Lea Wágner, representatives of the German Program, organised many interesting and useful programs.

The members of the delegation participated in a campus tour, visited the MediSkillsLab, the Anatomy Department and other departments, and interviewed professor dr. Dóra Reglődi vice-dean, professor dr. Péter Than, head of the German Program, and KVS students. They have gone sightseeing in Pécs and attended the “White Coat Ceremony” as well, where KSV scholarship students also received their white coats. They have met multiple students during the KVS class reunion. The shared lunches helped the delegation and the representatives of the German Program forge stronger relationships. During the visit,  promotional video and photo materials were shot about the German language medical training in Pécs.

Right now there are 148 KVS students at the faculty, two of them are passive in the 2022/2023 autumn semester. 9 KVS students gained their degrees in 2022, and 11 are expected to graduate in 2023.

Seeing the success of the Saxon cooperation, the Sachsen-Anhalt state (Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen-Anhalt – Saxony-Ahlhalt Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) also approached the faculty (they are neighbouring Saxon), wishing to start cooperation with the dentistry training, which was finalised in 2022 January. Based on the Saxony model, these young people will also go home to work as dentists, and in exchange the Association covers their tuition fees. The modern building and infrastructure of the new Dental Education Centre provides an excellent background for practice-oriented education. This is the main appeal of the Pécs Medical School, since there are a lot less opportunities for practical work in Germany.