The subject “Student Project Research”

The subject “Undergraduate Research Work”

The subject “Undergraduate Research Work” aims to expand individual scientific possibilities for students in topics provided by UP MS and the UP Clinical Centre.

Students engaged in undergraduate research can sign up for courses in four consecutive semesters in the form of two facultative and two elective subjects. (Undergraduate Research Work 1,2,3,4) Each subject is worth two credits; the fulfilment of a previous subject is a prerequisite of the next one. Uninterrupted registration for additional courses may be paused then continued at a later time.

Criteria for signing up for Undergraduate Research Work I

Prior to signing up for the subject students are required to be current and active members of Undergraduate Research, at least for the period of 6 months during which they had an opportunity to immerse themselves in the discussion topic, the supervisor and also the lab or other venues of research.

Members of Undergraduate Research are not obliged to sign up for Undergraduate Research Work I, however only members are entitled to sign up for this course. Students can sign up for this course via ETR.

Evaluation Criteria

To fulfil the requirement of the course students must acquire a first-author publication (presentation at TDK Conference, Dean’s Thesis, poster or presentation at other scientific conferences, article). Also, students have to send all their published articles (as published in print or in abstracts, including at least one first-author publication) to the course director (Chair of Undergraduate Research) at or in the Teams group of the course .

In the lack of a first-author publication- exclusively in case of Undergraduate Research Work I- students are to present their work to the supervisor and the chair of Undergraduate Research in form of an oral presentation at a meeting agreed upon previously via Teams group/email.

The subject cannot be accepted if the student has failed to send the publication list or has missed the presentation.

In the case of the subject Undergraduate Research Work 3 and 4, beyond the publication requirement a further requirement is the supervisor’s statement proving the student had actively participated in the training of a beginner student performing research.

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