Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness can be defined as a form of behaviour in which a person is able to represent his or her own interests by considering the other person's points of view, goals and motivations, and by doing so, is able to assert his or her ideas, i.e., assert himself or herself in communication.

Self-assertive behaviour is also suitable, to a certain extent, for dealing with conflict and stressors, as it allows a person to assert his/her needs and interests without infringing on the rights of others or intruding on the privacy of others.

Assertiveness training aims to develop elements of basic behavioural culture, personal effectiveness and problem-solving in both professional and private life. Through our training, we facilitate the development of strategies for resolving difficult situations and delicate situations, which can help in effective and efficient self-assertion.

During the training, in addition to acquiring the necessary knowledge, participants can deepen their verbal and non-verbal self-assertive communication skills through experiential exercises and significantly improve their skills in preventing and managing everyday stress and conflicts.