Research activity

Main activity: research on educational development


The research group investigates aspects of health education (especially general medical and dental education) that can be used to improve the transfer and acquisition of knowledge. It does this in order to prepare students to meet the challenges of working in the health sector and to provide professional care to patients throughout their training.

Our research interests include the measurement of the effectiveness of specific learning and teaching methodologies, and the adaptation of examination methods used in international practice. More comprehensive research on training includes the measurement of soft skills acquisition as defined in the Programme Completion and Exit Requirements, the assessment of the admission process and the learning environment.

With a view to practical utility, exploratory, observational and experimental studies will be carried out using quantitative and qualitative measurement methods. In addition, we are actively involved in sharing the results of our research.

Our research group is open to applications from undergraduate and PhD students, as well as from academics and administrators interested and committed to the topic.

The research will involve

  • Prof. Dr. Zsuzsanna Füzesi
  • Dr. Béla Birkás 
  • Dr. László Czopf 
  • Dr. Gergely Csaba , PhD student
  • Dr. Árpád Csathó 
  • Dr. Nóra Faubl 
  • Dr. Krisztina Fischer (Consultant, Harvard Medical School)
  • Dr. Boróka Gács 
  • Dr. Zsolt Pintér, PhD student
  • Dr. Ádám Schlégl 
  • István Szabó 
  • Dr. Zsuzsanna Varga


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