Health Psychology


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seminars: 24 hours

total of: 24 hours

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  • Code of subject: OAE-EPS-T
  • 2 kredit
  • General Medicine
  • Elective modul
  • both semesters


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min. 5 – max. 12


Health psychology is concerned with the study of psychological processes related to health, illness and healthcare. It provides a theoretical and practical health-focused approach to people's well-being and physical health. Health psychology studies cognitive-behavioral factors that influence different health conditions and maintenance of health. It addresses the issues of health promotion, prevention, health behavior, coping and social support. Health psychology deals with the adjustment processes and quality of life in chronic illnesses, hospitalization and medical care. Furthermore, health psychology emphasizes the importance of the health of healthcare providers, the prevention of burn out and other professional-related risks.




  • 1. Factors affecting health behaviour
  • 2. Options for lifestyle change
  • 3. Changing eating habits
  • 4. Sedentary lifestyle - options for change
  • 5. Smoking, nicotine addiction - options for quitting
  • 6. Stress, models for coping with stress
  • 7. Obesity and the 'lifelong weight management programme
  • 8. Risk communication
  • 9. Cognitive stress management - practice
  • 10. Stress management in practice
  • 11. Conflict management and mental health
  • 12. Health Psychology of Emotion Regulation I - Social Competence
  • 13. Resilience and assertiveness - Exercise
  • 14. Health Psychology of Emotion Regulation II - Self-Actualisation
  • 15. The importance of work-life balance in medical practice
  • 16. Burnout syndrome - prevention, treatment options
  • 17. Effects of relaxation on health
  • 18. Relaxation exercises
  • 19. Hypnosis in medical practice
  • 20. Suggestions and health
  • 21. Health improvement programmes, quality of life
  • 22. Trends in clinical health psychology
  • 23. Summary
  • 24. Evaluation

Reading material

Obligatory literature


Literature developed by the Department

Presentations, handouts, publications, additional materials, available on Neptun.



Recommended literature

Csabai-Molnár: Health, Illness and Care. Springer, Bp., 2000.
Kaptein A., Weinman, J.: Health Psychology, BPS Blackwell, 2004.
Camis, P.M., Knight, S.J.: Clinical Handbook of Health Psychology, Hogrefe and Huber, 2004.
Friedman H.S., Cohen Silver, R.: Foundations of Health Psychology, Oxford, 2007.

Conditions for acceptance of the semester

According to Code of Studies and Examination. The topics of the course will be prepared by students holding a live demonstration with a PowerPoint presentation.

Mid-term exams

Written midterm and final tests.

Making up for missed classes

Additional homework or presentation.

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Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Birkás Béla
  • Dr. Gács Boróka
  • Dr. Tiringer István
  • Hartung István