Announcement: Osijek - Pécs relay race

16 August 2023

100 km relay race over the distace of 100 km with teams of 50 people


Osijek - Pécs relay race

The 1st Eszék-Pécs relay race will be held on September 9, 2023 (Saturday), starting in Eszék at 9 a.m. The departure time and location from Pécs will be announced later.

We are looking for those students or employees who are willing to run the distance of 1000-3000 m.

Registration: Hajduné Dr. László Zita (

Please only apply if you can definitely participate in the competition at this time and contribute to the good reputation of UP.

To apply, please provide your contact information (email, phone) and the t-shirt size.


The purpose of the competition: Creating a tradition between the students, teachers and cities of the two universities. In the name of the 50th anniversary of the relationship between Pécs and Eszék; on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of PEAC and the 10th anniversary of the PTE Sports Office.

Description of the competition: Cross-country relay race over a distance of 100 km with the participation of teams of 50 people. Gain % by completing a competition section and a non-competition section.

A verseny útvonala:

Osijek- Jagodnjak-Beremend- Harkány-Szalánta-Pécs

Team composition:

30 university students (15 women -15 men)

20 university citizens (10 women - 10 men)



After each race, the first relay to arrive gets 1 pont. The 2nd gets no points. The final result is based on points earned.

Possible victories: 5:0; 4:1; 3:2.