About Us

The two basic tasks of the Sports and Physical Education Center of the University of Pécs are to provide physical education and sports services to the students of the Faculty of Medicine and to organize sports programs for the employees and their family members. Every semester, we advertise several weekend family sports events and competitions, during which we also take into account the interests of different age groups. We help spread a healthy lifestyle by running ski, water and hiking camps.

Sport is a social value, part of a universal culture. Due to its health-preserving function and personality-shaping role, regular exercise should play a decisive role in the way of life of the intelligentsia, as they convey a pattern of behavior to the members of society. It is important that the universities, such as the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pécs, also convey this value system, which we strive for in our daily work.


We carry out the physical education education included in the curriculum as a subject of four semester criteria, during which nearly thirty sports are included in the offer list. After fulfilling the requirements of the criterion, students have the opportunity to take a physical education course as an optional subject every semester until the end of their studies. As an optional module, we teach the theoretical and multi-theory and practical courses entitled “Requirements for Healthy Exercise”, after which students can earn credit points.


Sports services are mainly limited to recreational sports. We help organize sports programs by prioritizing student needs. We provide the professional and material conditions of the sports programs of the competitions and tournaments organized within and outside the sports week. Every year, under the guidance of coaches and physical educators, we provide professional assistance throughout the season to prepare the MS teams for the inter-faculty championships and the Medical Cup.

We support our students who excel in competitive sports. We help the MS athletes representing the University of Pécs at MEFOB. We monitor and support our young people who compete in international competitions.