FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a number limit for the courses?

Limiting the number of participants is necessary because the reception capacity of the venues is limited. In addition, in order for the instructors to be able to do quality work, we are forced to hold the courses with a limited number of participants.

How many sessions do I need to attend to complete the course?

It is necessary to participate in at least 10 out of 14 occasions.

I am absent, can I make up for it somehow?

We provide the possibility of replacement in a period of three weeks (6x45 minutes), which must be agreed with the session leader. The replacement can be completed in the last three weeks of the due diligence period.

Can I be absent with a medical certificate?


I am a certified athlete at an association registered by a professional association. Can I complete physical education this way?

Physical education can be completed in this form. You will need the following:

- Application form 

- Valid game license

- Certificate of participation in the competition / list of results

I took conditioning, can I do it in another room? (F3, Life1, Fitness5, Cutlers, etc..)

No. All students must complete the subject taken in Neptune at the specified location and at the specified time.

Is it possible to drop the PE?

Yes, it is. Please fill the following form.

Is possible to register to any course if I missed the deadline? 

Yes, until the deadline given by RO. Please fill the following form.