Methods and questionnaires


The Feedback Committee and its predecessors have been preparing questionnaires in paper format since the academic year of 1977/78. Since the academic year of 2010/11 online and monitor group assessments have been available and  the  Feedback incentive system was launched in 2012/13

Student identity protection is of great importance as the questionnaires are TOTALLY ANONYM, the system does not store date related to who filled which questionnaire. The only thing stored is whether a questionnaire has been filled in or not. Even the developers of the system are unable to link the questionnaires to students.


Questionnaires are composed of two parts; the first refers to the subject and the second to the tutor. All obligatory subjects are available in three languages. The questionnaires are available from 0:00 on the first Monday after the exam period.  We must draw the attention to the fact, that the fill-in periods last TWO WEEKS!

The aim of the questionnaires is assess subjects and disclose problems related to education. The questionnaires are brief and comply with the goals of assessment.

How to fill in the questionnaires

1. Questionnaires are available in the Neptun system.

2. After log in you can find your surveys under the “Administration” menu, clicking on the “Questionnaires” point.

3. Next to every questionnaire its status is showed: “completed” or “not started”.  There is a different view for the completed questionnaires. In the row of every survey, in the “Preference” column you can see an icon of a green check mark. This only means that those surveys are needed for achieving the bonus. Pay attention to fill out every questionnaire marked this way!

4. Clicking on the questionnaires filling it in can start. (Attention! The questionnaires consist of two pages and need to be completed by clicking on „Next” button. If you don’t click on the “Next” button, your fill-in will not be completed.)

+1. Should there be an internet disconnection; the questionnaires are not available for five minutes. After it, filling in the actual questionnaire can be started again for unlimited times.



„Freshmen’s” questionnaire

„Freshmen’s” questionnaire is special survey for those who just started their studies at our University (freshmen, newly admitted students from other universities, Erasmus students). They can achieve the bonus filling out this questionnaire, which is available for two weeks in the first half of every semester.
This does not belong to the responsibilities of the Feedback Committee, but to Students’ Services. Should you have any queries, please contact them.