Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials


The Clinical Centre of the University of Pécs ensures the uniform registration of the human clinical examinations, studies, the professional and legal opinion of contracts related to human clinical examinations, prepares and submits the financial and professional settlements of the examinations, studies, monitors the performance of the examinations pursuant to the contract, checks compliance with the legal regulations concerning human clinical examinations, supervises the enforcement of these at the examinations carried out at the clinics, institutions, pursuant to the relevant stipulations it ensures the publication of the examinations carried out in the Clinical Centre, annually prepares summary evaluation about the performed examinations by way of the Human Clinical Examination Registration Centre established within the framework of the Central Pharmacy of the Clinic.


University of Pécs Clinical Centre

Dr. Sebestyén Andor Director-general

Address: 7623 Pécs, Rákóczi str. 2. G building Hungary
Phone: +36-72/533-133/33028
Fax: +36-72/536-201

Clinical Centre Pharmacy

Registration Centre of Human Clinical Trials

Prof. Dr. Lajos Botz 


Dr. Helga Hilbert ügyvivő szakértő
Phone: 72/536-001 (31097 extension)

Dr. Sára Kresz
Phone: 72/536-001 (35010 extension)

Pharmaceutist: Dr. Béla Molnár
Phone: 72/536-001 (35010 extension)
Address: 7624 Pécs, Honvéd u. 3. Hungary
Mailing address: 7602 Pécs, Pf.: 99 Hungary
Phone: +36-72/536-284
Fax: +36-72/536-285, +36-72/536-000/35020


Regional Committee for the Research Ethics