Over 400 million forints support for protection and healthcare research

7 September 2022

The workgroup of the University of Pécs Medical School has won 428 million HUF funding from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology’s 2021 New Thematic Excellence Program, “Medical-Engineering sciences, National Defence and Security” subprogram, for the theme Establishing a Protection-Healthcare Excellence Centre at the University of Pécs Medical School – PTE ÁOK VEKK (TKP 2021-NVA-06).

The goal of the subprogram is exploring and researching the special aspects of national security and defence, and the connected protection-healthcare questions. The current historical conflicts – for example the COVID-19 pandemic or the Ukrainian-Russian armed conflict – have marked new directions for solving healthcare challenges. The KFI programs and applied research projects in connection with protection-healthcare are especially important, as they deal with the improvement of patient care, and have life protection and healthcare economics viewpoints that are highly important for society.

The Excellence Centre will study protection and healthcare challenges under the professional leadership of dr Miklós Nyitrai, dr. Péter Maróti and dr. Szilárd Rendneki, based on the experiences of the UPMS Department of Operational Medicine, from inter- and multidisciplinary standpoints. The task of the centre is supporting participants of medical and health sciences, and operational course participants; and to provide a platform for the practical validating and developing innovative ideas in medical and health sciences.

Another important, longer term goal is to allow the skills appearing here to be integrated into medical education, and to establish an independent scientific portfolio for strengthening internal university, and external market connections and synergies. The Protection-healthcare Excellence Centre (PTE ÁOK VEKK) will be one of the pillars of the Medical Skills Development and Innovation Centre, encompassing the related KFI projects, coordinating the workgroups, and providing infrastructure and background for the relevant scientific-development tasks.

“The new project organisation, and the related wide base of knowledge, equipment and experts will ensure that we can find appropriate solutions for scientific questions in protection-healthcare, answering problems in operational situations, catastrophe situations, medical education, laboratory work or clinical care, thereby supporting the increase in operational care efficacy” – said the professional leader of the project, director of the PTE ÁOK OKIK, dr. Szilárd Rendeki.