Another three-year cooperation between the Pécs Medical School and the Jordanian Royal Medical Service

20 March 2023

The University of Pécs Medical School and the Jordanian Royal Medical Service – RMS have made an agreement about another three-year cooperation, which provides both parties with medical and nursing courses, education in operational medicine, the opportunity to shar know-hows, and PhD programs.

The Pécs Medical School and RMS have previously signed a three-year bilateral agreement in 2020 – the current cooperation, signed in Jordan on March 12, will last another three years.

This spring, a four-person delegation travelled to the middle-eastern country to represent the University of Pécs Medical School, on the invitation of the director of the Jordanian Royal Medical Service, dr. Yousef Zureikat.

The delegation (colonel dr. István Kobolka, university docent, leader of the delegation; dr. István Kiss university lecturer; Éva Ladányi titular university docent; and dr. Zsuzsanna Orsós university adjunct) participated in the very successful 10th International Jordanian Royal Medical Service conference organised in the International Conference Centre at the shores of the Dead Sea. Over 1000 participants were invited to the four-day event, where over 400 presentations were held in 12 sections. The Lords Protector of the event was king II. Abdullah of Jordan.

The participants had the option to participate in a one-day simulation training at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC). The institute is a world-renowned Special Operations Training Centre in the Jordanian capital of Amman; it provides modern training since 2009 in the fight against terrorism, special operations, tactics, techniques, and processes of irregular warfare. The KASOTC offers personalised trainings satisfying both military and civilian needs.

The Jordanian Royal Medical Service reported about the signing of the cooperation on their official Facebook page, but the details of the agreements are available on the website of the UPMS Medical Skills Education and Innovation Centre, Defence Research Group.

The Jordanian Royal Medical Service visited Pécs in Summer 2022

As we have previously reported, a high-ranking delegation of the Jordanian Royal Medical Service has visited Pécs in Summer 2022, on invitation of the Medical School. The delegation was led by brigadier general dr. Yousef Jamal Zureikat, director of the RMS.

The Pécs Medical School maintains a good relationship with the Jordanian partner; our PhD students and educators have visited the Amman institutes of the RMS multiple times. The Jordanian delegation has visited the Medical Skills Education and Innovation Centre, the 1st Department of Internal Medicine and the new Medschool campus. They have also met up with Jordanian students studying in Pécs.


Facebook/Jordanian Royal Medical Service