Department of Pharmacology


The Department of Pharmacology was established in 2003 at the University of Pécs. From 2016, we are an independent Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The Department is responsible for teaching the undergraduate courses PharmacodynamicsToxicology, and Problemsolving Pharmacy for pharmacy studentsPharmacodynamics and Problemsolving Pharmacy subjects discuss the general pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drugs as well as explain the mechanism of action, therapeutic indications, pharmacokinetic properties, and the most important side effects and interactions. In Toxicology lectures, pharmacy students will become familiar with the major toxic mechanisms of certain toxicants (e.g., drugs, solvents, gases, metals, pesticides, and other xenobiotics), and the most important diagnostic and therapeutic options are also summarized.

Furthermore, we provide scientific topics for both Student Researchers and for PhD students. Students can take part in pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and toxicological research projects. In pharmacokinetic studies, we test the interactions of the active ingredients (and the corresponding metabolites) of dietary supplements with serum albumin and with different biotransformation enzymes. Our pharmacodynamic projects focus on the studies of pain and endometriosis. Regarding toxicology, we investigate the molecular interactions of mycotoxins (mold toxins from filamentous fungi), which frequently appear in food and beverages as contaminants.