Thesis topics


Treatment strategies for the therapy of endometriosis
Supervisor: Dr. Krisztina Pohóczky, senior lecturer

Pharmacological aspects of the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome and insulin resistance
Supervisor: Dr. Krisztina Pohóczky, senior lecturer


Thesis topics for Biotechnology BSc students:

Pathomechanisms and novel therapeutic strategies for gynecological diseases 
Supervisor: Dr. Krisztina Pohóczky, senior lecturer

Drug induced immunological reactions and complication   
Supervisor: Dr. Kriszta Gábor, senior lecturer

Monoclonal antibodies as novel drugs for different diseases  
Supervisor: Dr. Horváth Ádám, resident

Ciraparantag as a potential universal anticoagulant reversal agent
Supervisor: Dr. Nagy András, resident

Medical relevance and use of cyclodextrins 
Supervisor: Dombi Ágnes, assistant professor