XI. Undergraduate Research Society Fair – October 25.

10 October 2023

The XI. Undergraduate Research Society Fair will be organised in the Aula of the old main building of the Medical School on October 25. The goal of the clinics and departments taking part in the fair is to introduce students to the exhibitors, research and clinical work processes, the opportunities of the Research Society, and to give them ideas and motivation for their future research activities.

According to the organisers, the colleagues of the Hungarian Admissions and Student Service Office, attending the fair is a good idea even if a student already knows what field interests them, or they are trying to decide between options. They can gain experience and develop skills that could be useful in the future.

Research work is not only about using pipettes, the opportunities are much wider. They can get to know the methodology of clinical research, the basic scientific view, critical thinking skills and learn how to work together with a team.

URS work can not only be done by fifth and sixth year students, and not all departments and clinics require the completion of the prerequisite subjects. The fair presents an opportunity for the departments and clinics to showcase their research profile, what kind of work they can offer to students, and what their requirements are.

The event will happen organised by the URS, coordinated by the Hungarian Admissions and Student Service Office. The organisers hope that students can get a lot of information during the event, and that they start their research soon. The latter is important because individual achievements can serve as a good base for writing a thesis, or even for successful post-gradual (PhD) work.

More information about the URS is available here.