Helping others is good - Peer Program Scholarship for the 2023/2024 academic year

8 November 2023

The Peer Program has reached its new application period. The program has been running for four years at the Medical School and the Faculty of Pharmacy in the frame of which students help their fellow students in all areas of university life. Prospective peers are expected to apply until November 10, and their work for their fellow students will be rewarded with a seven-month scholarship.

The Peer Program was launched in 2019 to make life easier for newcomers at the UPMS and GYTK: to help the integration, the navigation in Neptun and university life, the management of dormitory matters, and they also provide guidance on exams and scholarships. You can also ask the peers about the best places in Pécs. The helpers are students, meaning they know exactly what difficulties freshmen face, so they can give credible and effective advice on issues they once had to find the answers to.

New peers are expected to apply until November 10.

The aim of the Peer Program Scholarship is supporting peer mentoring activities that helps acclimatisation and welfare of students, ensuring that they will be successful in their studies. Students with learning, administrative or personal issues are helped and supported by higher year students called “Peers”, who are using their own experiences and the workshops provided as part of the program to provide sufficient and efficient help and guidance. The “Honorary Peer Program Scholarship” was created for students who have been part of the Peer Program before and wish to continue. Aside from regular peer duties, they also help the younger peers in assimilating into the program by sharing their experiences.

Conditions of receiving the scholarship

Students can apply to the scholarship if

  • they have an active student status and “Honorary Peer” status at the University of Pécs Medical School or Faculty of Pharmacy, or
  • have received their diploma from one of the above and are currently full-time or part-time PhD students at one of the doctoral schools of the Medical School or Faculty of Pharmacy,
  • pass the oral interview based on the following points: o active knowledge of the English language in both writing and speaking, demonstrated during the interview
    • sufficient knowledge of university regulations and practical questions
    • good communication skills, helpfulness
    • empathic personality
    • confident appearance, good problem-solving skills
  • they agree to a scholarship contract based on Appendix 1, and keeps to its contents
  • they agree to the data management and protection guidelines on the application platform

Applications are to be submitted online, the form is available here.

Deadline for submitting applications: 10 November, 2023, 23:59

Deadline for submitting missing documents: 13 November, 2023, 23:59

The decisions are made by a professional committee made up of the vice-deans of the Medical School and Faculty of Pharmacy, the head of the Student Service Department and the delegated student appointed by the Student Council.

Deadline for evaluating applications: 15 October, 2023

Successful applicants will receive the Peer Program Scholarship, the amount of which is HUF 75,000 per semester for five months, with a monthly transfer of HUF 21,430, by the 15th of the month following the month to which it relates.

Further information about the Peer Program is available at