Student representative election

6 September 2023

Dear Fellow Students!

The Student Representative Election was announced for which the detailed call for applications can be found in the attachment.

What does the student representative do?
Their task is to supervise the operation of the Student Council and make decisions on personal matters. The venue for this is the Assembly of Delegates, where the president, the vice-president and elected student representatives have a right to vote.

Apply if you want to be an active part of the decision-making process!

Application deadline: 2023. September 19th (Tuesday), 12:00
Place of submission: PTE EHÖK, 7622 Vasvári Pál str. 4. (in person or by post)


Best regards,
Martin Pénzes


  • Pályázati felhívás - Call for application


  • Jelentkezési lap - Application form