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The Hungarian Student Council is the main partner of the University students, we work every day to represent you. Our main goals are to continuously increase the satisfaction of our students, to preserve their mental health and to help their academic progress. During student advocacy, we provide help and support in solving problems and act as a communication channel between students and University management.

The basic units of our organization are the Committees and the Rapporteurs:
Our Education Rapporteur handles matters related to studies and the Code of Studies and Examinations (CSE).
Our Dentistry Rapporteur acts to represent the interests of dentistry students and is also responsible for organizing the Dentistry Days of Pécs.
The Communication Committee is responsible for the communication towards you and within our organization, and also for marketing.
The tasks of the Educational Development Committee include liaising with the institutes, discussing issues and presenting possible solutions related to the development of subjects.
The External Affairs Committee maintains contacts between Hungarian and foreign students in cooperation with the EGSC, and organizes the Language Café.
The Sport and Culture Committee organizes and coordinates events with sport, educational or entertaining nature.

Last but not least, our Head of the Office will be happy to answer all the questions of those who are visiting the Diákiroda (2nd floor). Each of our tasks starts, happens and ends with her.

We work as a unit, as a team and we are all here for You. Let us help you take the obstacles ahead smoothly, even in difficult times.