Introduction to Genetic Engineering


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lectures: 0 hours

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seminars: 22 hours

total of: 22 hours

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  • Code of subject: OXF-BGS-h-T
  • 2 kredit
  • General Medicine
  • Optional modul
  • spring


Course headcount limitations

min. 5 – max. 20

Available as Campus course for 10 fő számára. Campus-karok: ÁOK TTK


The aim of the course is to introduce students to the methods of manipulating genetic material (genetic engineering). It presents the basic techniques and latest possibilities of genetic engineering, as well as its role in research, drug development and medicine. During the course, students have to design a small genetic engineering project, and the acceptance of the semester and the final grade depends on the completed project. The project must be prepared with the help of a small computer program that simulates genetic engineering and runs under the Windows operating system. Therefore, in order to successfully complete the course, the student must be able to run the program either on a computer with Windows operating system or on an Apple machine in emulation mode.




  • 1. Structure and function of nucleic acids
  • 2. Modified and artificial nucleic acids
  • 3. Oligonucleotide and gene synthesis
  • 4. Gel electrophoresis and sequencing
  • 5. Polymerases
  • 6. Polymerase chain reaction
  • 7. Enzymes to manipulate nucleic acids I.
  • 8. Enzymes to manipulate nucleic acids II.
  • 9. cDNA cloning, basic cloning vectors
  • 10. Expression vectors
  • 11. Transformation, transfection
  • 12. Viral vectors, transposone systems
  • 13. Transgenic and knockout animals
  • 14. Lox-P system, conditional KO animals
  • 15. RNA interference, knockdown techniques
  • 16. Artificial nucleases, genome engineering
  • 17. Optogenetics
  • 18. Artificial evolution techniques
  • 19. Gene therapy
  • 20. Genetic engineering in drug discovery
  • 21. Project evaluation I
  • 22. Project evaluation II

Reading material

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Conditions for acceptance of the semester


Mid-term exams

The genetic engineering project must be prepared during the semester and submitted before the start of the exam period.

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Instructor / tutor of practices and seminars

  • Dr. Sándor Zoltán