The development of the Science and Innovation Park has started at UP

30 January 2023

The “Development of a Science and Innovation Park at the University of Pécs – Stage I.” project will be realised from almost 4.5 billion forints European Union funding and will include the renovation of the Nyár street 8 children’s hospital and the pulmonology buildings over 2600 square metres. According to plans, the two buildings will house seven research groups.

The University of Pécs follows international and national education, research and economic changes in its development. Its main strategic goal is becoming an innovative university, or to become a creative, leading institution, capable of facing socio-economic challenges by using physical and mental capital. An important milestone of this development direction is joining the network of the Science and Innovation Park.

At the press conference on 26 January, it was said that the aim is to create scientific and innovation hubs, integrated with the existing infrastructure, that will enable the university to accommodate business development needs, play its role in economic recovery and commercialise the knowledge created at the university.

The Nyár street block of the university connects scientific fields due to its location, therefore it has proven to be an excellent base for the current and future developments. The Digital Data Analysis and Laboratory Centre will move into the main building with other research groups. Research groups dealing with analysing healthcare and economic data, using secondary rare resources and hydrogen technology and research-development groups for smart healthcare applications and use-cases will all be housed in this building.

The architecture concept fully respects the character, façade, appearance and layout of the original building, but the interior design will be subordinated to the functionality of the centre. By opening the basement to the North, the connection to nature of the community places will be ensured.

The former pulmonology building will house the Knowledge Management Centre, ensuring that university knowledge reaches the industry while also forwarding the needs of the economic sphere towards students, researchers and educators. The former entrance and stairway will be demolished, and a new entry area will be added on the Eastern side of the building. The interior will provide an opportunity for developing a new working culture, where individuals can all work separately, but still in a social office.

The development started in November 2022, and is expected to be completed in Autumn 2023. Simultaneously with the construction work, the procurement of necessary furniture, IT and research equipment is also underway. The seven research groups are expected to move into the new Science and Innovation park in 2024.

The project is realised within the scope of the Széchenyi 2020 program, with support from the European Union.

The short film of UnivTV about the topic is available here: