An all-seeing camera system monitors the lockers at the Medical School
4 May 2021
"Look, I could do it, you can do it too!" - learning support mentoring programmes in the English and Hungarian trainings of the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy
28 April 2021
Science and education with smart technologies - what is the new educational technology system of the UPMS capable of?
26 April 2021
World-class research - more and more patents at the University of Pécs
13 April 2021
Electric scooter for the best short film in UP's climate protection campaign
9 April 2021
Unique economics training helps pharmacy students at the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy
26 March 2021
Online climate protection conference on March 31
24 March 2021
The popularity of UP has increased significantly, more students have applied to our School too this year
19 March 2021
DDK Scholarship
17 March 2021
International Spring – From 16 March to the end of May
16 March 2021
In the category of education, UP is the best domestic university in the ranking of THE
10 March 2021
Climate protection campaign at University of Pécs
5 March 2021
Sugar-free challenge
1 March 2021
MedPECS2021 – Medical Conference for PhD Students and Experts of Clinical Sciences
26 February 2021
V4GU Video Competition
18 February 2021
Healthy Food Workshop - online event
15 February 2021
The UP International Centre is organizing winter universities this year as well
11 February 2021
IEEE EMBS Grand Challenges Forum - Data Science & Engineering in Healthcare
5 February 2021
The cardiac surgeon who speaks the language of engineers
3 February 2021
Designing Personal Career Launch Strategy
29 January 2021
Imre Simon, colleague of the 3D Centre has achieved serious successes at the MIT-Harvard Medical School healthcare innovation training
28 January 2021
The training of the future - Biomedical Engineer Program
15 January 2021
A Science and Innovation Park will be established in Pécs
6 January 2021
UP helps victims of the Croatian earthquake – help if you can too!
31 December 2020
Mayor Attila Péterffy's Christmas message to our students
15 December 2020
PotePillars - the strategic plan of the UPMS
30 November 2020
The IEEE EMBS Grand Challenges Forum COVID19
9 November 2020
Our Medical School is among the world's top 500 medical schools on the list of THE by improving 62 places
2 November 2020
Additional government funding for university capacity building
28 October 2020
Online Sports and Health week
26 October 2020
From anywhere, anytime - a virtual visit to the Medical School in Pécs
20 October 2020
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of the Hepatitis C virus
6 October 2020
Celebration of Teachers 2020
30 September 2020
The UP’s “International Autumn” intercultural festival begins
28 September 2020
National Laboratories opened in Pécs
25 September 2020
We have cycled to the moon
15 September 2020
The issue titled “Do you have a good story?” has been published in three languages in PDF
10 September 2020
UP is the best rural university in the Times Higher Education ranking
2 September 2020
Employees of our School received awards at the celebratory opening session of the Senate of the University of Pécs
2 September 2020
The educational innovation contest has started at the UPMS and the Faculty of Pharmacy
31 August 2020
The virtual photo exhibition of Lajos Kalmár has opened
29 August 2020
More than 550 students were admitted to the UP in the supplementary admission procedure
28 August 2020
The cooperation of engineers and physicians continues
14 July 2020
Professors Hajna Losonczy and István Kiss also received awards on Semmelweis Day in Budapest
7 July 2020
Three rural higher education institutions collaborate for the more effective treatment of high-mortality diseases and reduction of mortality
7 July 2020
Doctors and nurses were awarded on Semmelweis Day
1 July 2020
UP is in the international elite in the fields of clinical medicine as well as public health
1 July 2020
MOON BIKE - international challenge – 26 June
23 June 2020
Donation of more than one million HUF has been raised at Wei Xiang's charity auction
22 June 2020
“The academic year in September could begin smoothly” - interview with dr. Attila Miseta, Rector
26 May 2020
The band Mongooz and the Magnet, founded by two foreign medical students, is a worldwide success
21 May 2020
UP has a prominent place in the UN ranking based on sustainable development goals
28 April 2020
Awards on the national day of 15 March
16 March 2020
UP was the first to join the European Union’s "European Universities" initiative
12 March 2020
Customizable medicine development in Pécs
5 March 2020
Scientific-economic cooperation
27 February 2020
UP is in the TOP 200 in the latest international ranking
19 February 2020
Infertility treatments will be free in Pécs as well
3 February 2020
Month of “stroke awareness”
28 January 2020
Two Nigerian Roman Catholic priests study at our School
28 January 2020
The Council of University Clinics held its first meeting this year
28 January 2020
Professional representatives of MedTech4 Europe visited Pécs
28 January 2020
Researchers of Pécs and Debrecen against inflammatory diseases
20 December 2019
The renewed pharmaceutical building will be completed soon
20 December 2019
The new concept of community spaces for the planned Medical Center
12 December 2019
Dr. Attila Schwarcz and Dr. Gábor Pethő have become Doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
10 December 2019
UP has a prestigious place on the ranking list of the world’s green universities
9 December 2019
Our website is renewed
6 December 2019
The country’s first Moroccan consulate office was handed over at the University of Pécs
5 December 2019
The University of Pécs (UP) and Philips are working together on a development that can significantly help Hungarian health care
22 November 2019
Our School has a prestigious place in the Times Higher Education rankings
20 November 2019
Celebratory Senate session on the occasion of the Celebration of Hungarian Science
18 November 2019
Dr. Tamás Süle has published a book titled "The University of Pécs and its renowned doctors on medals"
18 November 2019
The university’s leadership expects five thousand foreign students at the beginning of the new academic year
18 November 2019
The new park of our School is under construction
15 November 2019
World Diabetes Day – 14 November
6 November 2019
U.S. News & World Report: Pécs Medical School among the top 500 in the world
6 November 2019
The health bus was available locally in Baranya
21 October 2019
The Mobility Week’s important messages on an articulated bus
19 September 2019
Our School adopted Brutus, the American bison
11 September 2019
Celebratory assembly and celebratory opening session of the Senate
2 September 2019
Successful implantation of an inner ear implant at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology
2 September 2019
New surgical procedures, chips, innovations at the clinics in Pécs
27 August 2019
Scientists and doctors from Pécs were also honored on the celebration of the founding of the state
21 August 2019
PTE's 3D Printing and Visualization Center Launches New Exploratory Mission
30 July 2019
Exemplary Innovation: A Newly Emerging Method to Help Patients Suffering from Untreatable Forms of Epilepsy
29 July 2019
Summer blood donation campaign
5 July 2019
The new Theoretical Building of Dentistry is going to be ultramodern
3 July 2019
Light painting at the graduation ceremony
3 July 2019
The PTE 3D Project won the „Audience Award of Made in Pécs” in 2018
8 January 2019
Laying the foundation stone of the Medical School’s new theoretical building
10 December 2018
Would you like to help people in need at Christmas? – Here is a list of fundraising campaigns in Pécs
28 November 2018
They like Pécs and the high standard medical training
13 November 2018
VII. Szentágothai Day
12 November 2018
UP among the world’s TOP 500 universities in two scientific fields as well
8 November 2018
Useful pieces of information for university students in the University Pass brochure
15 October 2018
UP is about to be the 3D printing technology paradise
21 March 2018
Sensational International Evening
14 March 2018
The Voice of PTE contest is going to take place this year as well
12 March 2018
International Spring
8 March 2018
We have finished in an elegant place in the international life sciences and medicine ranking
28 February 2018
Researchers from Pécs have also participated in the invention of a new, side-effect-free painkiller
31 January 2018
The firefighters successfully completed the Disaster Medic instructor training
25 January 2018
Hungarian startup for surgical education
24 January 2018
Using smart phones and tablets – cervical spine and wrist complaints
22 January 2018
Dr. Zalán Szántó received a Tüke Medal, and Mária Dorothea Pozsonecz received a Life-Saving Medal
22 January 2018
Our School’s doctors and nurses also act in the romantic movie titled Embers for the heart
22 January 2018
The second Translational Medicine Centre will open in Székesfehérvár
18 January 2018
Our School’s new building is going to be ultramodern
17 January 2018
Dr. Tihamér Molnár received a prestigious international award
8 January 2018
Seven Hungarian universities got into the world’s bests and the UP MS is at the top even among them
8 December 2017
The official appointment of the WHO Collaborating Center will be awarded for the Medical School of the University of Pécs
15 November 2017
The rector of the University of Pécs welcomed the four thousandth foreign student, our Faculty’s first-year Japanese student
30 October 2017
‘Best Practice’ Prize Awarded for Internationalization in Higher Education 2017
11 October 2017
“The younger generation is remarkable”
11 May 2017
The role of essential oils in the alternative therapy of respiratory infections
7 June 2016
World University Rankings
2 October 2015