PR and Communications Office


We support the information stream within the faculty, distribute and generate news, create press materials, make interviews about healing, education and the scientific achievements of the faculty with the renown professionals working here; introducing valuable human figures and lives. All of this is published on the website both in German and English, and we forward everything to our other inner news channels as well. We maintain close connections with the local, regional and national press and forward news of important faculty news to them, thereby supporting their work. We distribute our selected materials locally and worldwide by creating a local and international contact network.


24 November 2023

University life: Pécs is among the top 50 cities in the world

20 October 2023

The University of Pécs leadership has introduced its all-encompassing development strategy

5 October 2023

Roche and the University of Pécs signed a cooperation agreement

2 October 2023

HUF 580 million scholarship for PhD students

20 September 2023

UP in Europe’s elite

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