Dr. Metin Akay became an honorary doctor of UP

10 March 2023

Dr. Metin Akay, professor at the University of Houston, was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Pécs. He is one of the most influential figure of the rapidly developing healthcare engineering field, and he has been in contact with the University of Pécs since 2017. He has participated in starting new courses and developing the professional program of the 3D Centre.

Dr. Metin Akay professor was nominated for the award jointly by the Medical School and the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. The ceremony happens on march 9, at the honorary doctor’s award senate meeting – stands in the article of UnivPécs.com. The professor of the University of Houston graduated in Turkey and got his doctorate in the USA, worked in medical-engineering field and worked as a development expert for multiple technology companies. His work has been recognised with many international awards, including some given by famous professional societies.

His community forming role is undeniable in the medical-engineering fields, he organises summer universities for students, and aside from active educator role, he also supported the development of students as a thesis consultant – emphasises the article. He boosts an outstanding application activity and has authored several international publications. He also has three licenced patents.

“It is important to listen to young people, because they are talking about the future” – this is how the professor started his speech. He talked about the big future of data science, which in his opinion will gain strength in all fields of science, including medicine.

“The time to use artificial intelligence has arrived in both engineering and medicine. The metaverse makes it possible for physical reality and virtual environments to blend. This way, such questions will come forward as how we could free healing from the physical plane, maybe even using avatars to communicate, making medical knowledge available in remote areas as well. This way, every person in the world could have access to the necessary healthcare. Climate change is also important, many places have floods, wars, and epidemics. Technological advances will revolutionize these and ensure that the healthcare systems become more resilient than they are today. The renewal of medical-healthcare and engineering curricula will be necessary for this”

– quoted the university periodical the new honorary doctor of UP.

We have interviewed Dr. Metin Akay professor in Autumn 2022, at the first International Healthcare Engineering Innovation Conference (iCBEi) held in Pécs, including such exciting development as “brain chips” used in treating brain tumours, and non-invasive diagnostic tools for coronary artery blockages.

The interview is available here:

„Brain chip and other miracles: medical engineering innovations driving healthcare forward”


Szabolcs Csortos/Univpecs.com