Report on the annual AMSE conference

8 November 2022

Colleagues and members of two institutes and two student organizations represented our faculty at the annual conference of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) in Kvariati, Georgia, between 06.10.-08.10.2022, where the main topic was the quality insurance of education in medical universities.

Dr. Andrea Tamás, associate professor of the Department of Anatomy, president of the Circle of Demonstrators (CoD), member of the conference’s organising committee and member of the board of AMSE lead the six-member delegation. Further members of the delegation were Prof. Dr. Dóra Reglődi, Vice-Dean for Science; Dr. Kristóf Filipánits, PhD student, member of the Board of the CoD, Alexandra Brunauer student leader of the Surgical Society, Zsombor Márton, demonstrator of the Department of Anatomy, member of the Board of the CoD, and Míra Zsófia Peresztegi, member of the Board of the CoD. Dr. Gergely Csaba, PhD student of the Department of Behavioural Sciences joined the conference online.

During the 3-day program, the faculty’s colleagues and students held many interesting presentations in person and taking advantage of the hybrid form of the conference, in online form as well.

Our faculty’s delegation gave the following presentations:

  1. Practical Approach in Basic Surgical Training: Lessons from the Surgical Society of the Medical University in Pecs – Ibitamuno Caleb*, Alexandra Brunauer, Gábor Jancsó, Andrea Tamás, László Czopf, Rendeki Szilárd, University of Pecs, Medical School
  2. Anatomy in the virtual reality – Máté Szemes, Balázs Ujvári, Nóra Füredi, Zsombor Márton*, József Farkas, Dóra Reglődi, University of Pecs, Medical School, Institute of Anatomy
  3. Near-peer teaching in medical education experiences from the University of Pecs Medical School – Kristóf Filipánits*, László Czopf, Timea Németh, Míra Zsófia Peresztegi, Andrea Tamás, University of Pecs, Medical School
  4. Learning outcomes from the perspectives of patients in Hungary – Zsuzsanna Varga, Zsuzsanna Pótó, Gergely Csaba*, Zsuzsanna Füzesi. University of Pecs, Medical School – online előadás

We would like to thank the Dean's Office of the University of Pécs and the organizing committee of the host David Tvildiani Medical University, whose support and organization made the participation in the event possible.


Dr. Kristóf Filipánits

Board member (CoD)


Míra Zsófia Peresztegi

Board member (CoD)




David Tvildiani Medical University and Dr. Kristóf Filipánits