Circle of Demonstrators (DDK)


Within the framework of a demonstration program, students enrolled in graduate training participate directly in the educational efforts aligned to our university hospitals, institutes, and departments.

Demonstration through revision and reinforcement aids towards internalizing individual studies, and assists instructors to design, perform and assess classes. It serves as inspiration for students who receive subject-related information from their peers of similar attitude and mindset. Similarly to the work of the Student Researchers’ Society (in Hungarian TDK), demonstration enables deep insight into a field of science, while at the same time ushers academic acumen representative of course instructors, and likely promotes acquisition of didactic thinking.

Demonstration activity does not exclude activity in Undergraduate Research (TDK); of which, the opposite is true and they complement one another. Educational assistant activity performed with growing self-determination while under controlled circumstances ensures a suitable basis for acquiring and improving communication skills necessary for post-graduate training and possible future higher education theoretical or clinical instructor careers.

Several departments aligned to our school have a long tradition of involving students in education. A significant number of professors teaching in theoretical institutes and several leading professors in the clinics have all been active in areas of demonstration during their academic eras.


27 April 2023

Awards for Demonstrator Students and Mentor Teachers during the Assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators

14 April 2023

The first Surgical Workshop, entitled “Surgery 101” at the MediSkillsLab

12 April 2023

General Assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators

17 March 2023


29 November 2022

The seventh DDK Workshop for Internal Medicine

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21 April 2021

The general assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators

11 April 2021

4. Workshop - Fit für Famulatur

13 March 2021

5th DDK Workshop for Internal Medicine

28 October 2020

Online Autumn Assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators

26 September 2020

4th Internal Medicine Workshop

15 April 2020

The general assembly of the Circle of Demonstrators - online

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