Science and profession

Students always have the opportunity to join a student organisation at the Faculty to improve their skills and further their knowledge of any speciality.

Undergraduate Research Society

The Undergraduate Research Society (TDK) is one of the most important organisations of our Faculty which achieves scientific results. Students who take part in this can conduct some research collaborating with our Departments and Laboratories. These students can compete themselves in local and national TDK conferences year by year too. The students of our faculty traditionally participate with great success in these national competitions.

Circle of Demonstrators

Work in the Circle of Demonstrators (DDK) can be chosen by students during their undergraduate years. This society enables the volunteers to assist directly in education as a partner of Departments or Clinics. This activity is very useful for everyone. Students can revise and confirm their knowledge while they are the professors’ right hand in preparing, organising and evaluating practices. Additionally, this makes the whole thing very inspiring and enjoyable for the contemporary educated students because the new aspect of communication helps to overcome subject related difficulties more easily.

Cholnoky László College

The Cholnoky László College seeks to find students of pharmacy and biotechnology deemed worthy by their talent, dedication, and personal abilities to be admitted to the College, and support them in becoming architects of the future of their discipline on an international level, through the acquired pharmaceutical and biotechnological knowledge.

Organisation of medical students in Pécs

The Hungarian Medical Students’ International Relations Committee (HuMSIRC) was established for the benefit of Hungarian medical students. The association has two main fields of operation: organising international student exchange programs and conducting primary prevention programs in the south-west region of Hungary.

Hungarian Dentistry Students’ Association

The Hungarian Dentistry Students’ Association - Pécs (MFHE Pécs) keeps dentistry students informed about possibilities of holding prevention lectures, international exchange programs, the Dentistry Days and everything else concerning student life.

Norwegian Medical Students’ Association

The Norwegian Medical Students’ Association (NMF) is an independent organisation with the main task of representing the professional, economical, and social interests of medical students. Being a union of medical students, they fight day in and day out to provide the best possible conditions for students during and following their studies. They actively contribute to the development of the medical curriculum, and deal with professional medical questions.

Surgical Society

Surgical Society is an organisation created by students for students, that aims to support students interested in surgical professions. They intend to incite interest for surgery, practice and perfect practical skills necessary for future surgeons, and diversify their knowledge of surgery.

Emergency Society

The Emergency Society is also an organisation created by students for students, aiming to support students interested in intensive care. Frontrunner topics include the practical basics of collecting blood samples, cannulation, catheterisation, and airway management.

Medical Skills Education and Innovation Centre

Its main goal is to improve the manual skills of the medical students in the gradual and post-graduate program. It also offers obligatory, elective and facultative courses and satisfies the training requirements of external partners.