HuMSIRC (Hungarian Medical Students' Association) is the largest of the domestic student unions, with about 800 medical students nationwide. It belongs to the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA), which was founded in 1951 and is now the world's largest youth organization. It currently maintains 133 National Member Organizations from more than 123 countries and with over one million students represented worldwide. IFMSA is recognized as a non-governmental organization within the United Nations system and the WHO, and also works with the World Medical Association.

POE („Pécsi Orvostanhallgatók Egyesülete” – Organisation of medical students, for medical students and by medical students in Pécs) is an association of the Hungarian Medical Students' Association.


Our organisation has a wide range of activities: in addition to our extensive prevention work, we place great emphasis on international internships and research exchanges, and our Teddy Bear Hospital program is gaining in popularity among small children. We also organise health days, such as World Diabetes Day, World AIDS day etc.

Our preventive activities:

  • SCOPH-Public health team
  • Cancer prevention
  • Teddy Bear Hospital
  • Healthdevelopment
  • Obesity prevention
  • Drugs, smoking, alcohol prevention
  • SCORA- AIDS and sexually transmittied disease prevention team

For you activities at our association you will get points, which you can redeem for our exchange programs. Before you are able to collect points you need to register as a official member of HuMSIRC/POE. The membership fee costs 2500 Ft for a whole year.

Exchanges programs

POE runs two types of exchanges programs: professional (SCOPE - Standing Committee on Professional Exchange) and research exchanges (SCORE - Standing Committee on Research Exchange).

All exchanges last for four weeks. The students are offered a spot in the department or the research project of their choice, as well as accommodation, one meal per day or pocket money and often social programs. They are assigned a tutor during their entire exchange to make sure that the students are actively participating and improving their skills.

The main purpose of the programs is the promotion of cultural understanding and cooperation among medical students, through the international student exchange programs.

SCOPE exchange program is available after the 6th semester. Many of our exchange programs are organized in affiliated teaching hospitals, so these exchanges can be accredited and accepted by the Medical Faculty as an obligatory practice.

SCORE is focused on research projects and allow medical students to expand their knowledge of specific scientific areas. Our association accepts applications after 2 completed semesters, even without any research experience.

Those who can participate in one of our programs, they need to pay the registration fee which is 40.000 HUF. The applicant will be also charged with 5000 HUF deposit. The deposit can be withdrawn if the applicant shows up the IFMSA certificate and hands in a summary about the exchange.

You can apply for our exchange programs in every October for the upcoming year. The person with the highest point has the right to choose first from the countries. Therefore, the amount of the points, which you need for a country, always depend on the number of applicants and their points. The list of eligible countries changes from year to year, but each year, usually 50 students get the opportunity to take part of our programs. Applications will be judged based on a point system. In addition to the HuMSIRC/POE work (CP, attending prevention courses, Teddy Bear Hospital, Health Day, World AIDS Day, prevention classes, volunteering, etc.), emphasis will be placed on grades, language skills, student research, demonstration work etc.