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Synthesis and biological studies of spin labelled Biomolecules (aminoacids, drugs, phospholipides).

Weak interactions between molecules are known to be affected by the struture of the solvents through the variation of the entropy term during the formation reactions. The formation of structures by polar solvent molecules mainly determined by Coulomb-interactions which however highly affected by the ions present in the solutions. Importance of this process differs also in cases when the Zearalenone mycotoxin binds either to HSA or encapsulated into the cavity of cyclodextrins. Relationship between these two competitive processes is key to improve the efficiency of the cyclodextrin-assisted removal the toxins from the HSA surface.

Solubilities of bioactive molecules possessing aromatic moieties can be controlled by their encapsulation with cavity-shaped larger macrocycles. One fascinating family of such macrocycles is the cavitands which molecules can be solubilized in aqueous solutions by carboxyl functionatities. Weak Pearson acidity of transition metals improves the interaction between aromatics through formation of cation – pi bonds, however presence of block s cations in living bodies affects the strength of this bonds and therefore the weak interactions between the aromatics.