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Molecular Biological Methods in Cancer Research

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Offizielle Daten in der Fachveröffentlichung für das folgende akademische Jahr: 2020-2021


Dr. Zsuzsa RÁKOSY (zsuzsa.rakosy@aok.pte.hu), assistant professor

Department of Public Health Medicine


Kode des Fachs/Kurses: OXFBDK-z-T  |  1 ECTS  |  Dentistry |  Optional modul  |  spring

Voraussetzungen: OZAMF2-T completed


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min. 5 – max. 30


Cancers is one of the major cause of death worldwide, in addition the incidence of this disease has been increasing. Research is needed to identify the unknown risk factors and to understand the molecular basis of carcinogenesis to provide new tools and insights into aetiology and prevention of this malignancy.
The course is going to familiarize the students with the modern molecular biological methods and their role in the cancer research field including the most recent clinical and preventive aspects. The lectures will present novel approaches in the characterization of the molecular alterations and will provide global perspective and knowledge on high throughput and targeted molecular biological techniques in the cancer research.




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  • Dr. Rákosy Zsuzsa