Keep Active!

Keep Active! Online competition for the spring semester!

We will continue our courses online in the spring semester of the 2020/21 academic year. It is paramount to exercise regularly during this period, which we help within the framework of OLPE. We would like to increase your motivation further with the online competition.

Create a video montage of your activity whether it be running, cycling, horse riding, skating, home workout, etc. and send us via ‘we transfer’ to the following address:

In your message, please explain in a few words why you find regular exercising important. Please share your ideas that helps you through this unusual period.


In 1 minute, please show us what exercises and habits did you develop during this period. At the beginning of the video, please include your name and grade.


· myvideo

· tiktok

· instagram

· videomaker

Formats: .avi; .mpg; .mov; .af; .mp4


To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend using the music available at the following links for your videos:



The students of UP Medical School with an active term status.



The series of the competition runs at two-week periods. You can send your video at any period. At the end of the two-week periods, we will draw one PTE gift package from each of the participants! The received videos by the end of the diligence period will be shared on our YouTube page. The creator of the most popular video will win the grand HUF 50 000 voucher.  The winning students will be notified by email. The winners can pick up their gift packages in person at the Sport Facilities, but we can also deliver them by post if required.

1. period-Deadline to hand in your material: 2021.02.21.

            Lot: 2021.02.22. Winner: Kornélia Réka Kacz

2. period-Deadline to hand in your material: 2021.03.07.

            Lot: 2021.03.08. Winner: Gábor Mezei

3. period-Deadline to hand in your material: 2021.03.21.

            Lot: 2021.03.22. Winner: Virág Vas

4. period-Deadline to hand in your material: 2021.04.04.

            Lot: 2021.04.05. Winner: Kincső Kövesi

5. period-Deadline to hand in your material: 2021.04.18.

            Lot: 2021.04.19. Winner: Kocsis Dorka

6. period-Deadline to hand in your material: 2021.05.02.

            Lot: 2021.05.03. Winner: Chen Hui

7. period-Deadline to hand in your material: 2021.05.16.

            Lot: 2021.05.17. Winner: Réka Madácsi

From the creators of the videos submitted by May 30, we drew out the winner of our main prize, who will be enriched with a HUF 50,000 sports supply voucher. The main prize of our online Keep Active! competition was won by Kornélia Kacz, who sent us a total of 7 videos during the semester!

Congratulations to our winner!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are extending our video competition to the exam period, so who wants a PTE gift package that includes a faculty hoodie, SPEC t-shirt, eco bottle and now Your Life with MS bag, keychain and stress ball, do not hesitate! Make a video of yourself while playing sports, send us via “we transfer” and write down what regular exercising means to you!

Dates of draws during the examination period:

8th time: 31 May

9th time: 14 June

10th time: 28 June


PTE gift package



50 000 Ft voucher for sport supplies


Of course, we are combining business with pleasure so if you took part in the competition, your video will be completing a period in the online PE.


Sample video below: 



Free online movement opportunities for the students and citizens of UP MS


In the well-know online platform of Microsoft Teams we created the PTE ÁOK Keep Active group where you can join to training session 3 times a week in the safety of your home. We provide these opportunities until the end of the semester. In addition to w.orkout and yoga classes, a number of other videos will be uploaded in the group, so you can choose from body shaping, spine exercises and hot iron workouts to your liking!

The students got added automatically, for other citizens joining is done independently. We sent out the code for the group in the form a circular letter. If you do not see the group as a citizen or student of the MS and would like to join our online trainings, please let us know your request together with your Neptun code at the following e-mail address: