The new ideas of the Dean and the leadership of the School regarding the future of the School justified the establishment of a new organizational unit, the Quality Management and Institutional Development Department in the autumn of 2020. The primary goal of the Department is to strategically operate the quality management system for the satisfaction of the students, staff and collaborating partners of the School, organized, planned, and supported with resources by the leadership of the School, and to support the implementation of projects supporting the leadership's ideas and goals. The basis of our organizational unit is the Quality Management Group established in the spring of 2016.


The mission of our Department is to help and support the students, staff and collaborating partners of the School and to continuously increase their satisfaction, thus providing several services and professional support for the School to make its mark in the field of education, research and healing.

Our main professional goal is to keep the School processes on a "quality management" track, with the help of internal audits, among others. This task is our key to continuous improvement, and thus to our own development as well. The formation of the department primarily serves this purpose.