New Head of the Quality Management and Institutional Development Department - Bernadett Potos

9 November 2020

In the new structure of the Dean’s Office, the head of the Quality Management and Institutional Development Department is Bernadett Potos, who previously led the Registrar’s Office and has been working at the School for ten years.


Written by Rita Schweier


- Is it a big change from leading the Registrar’s Office to become the head of a department?

- Yes, of course because the Registrar’s Office brings together completely different tasks and provides a different service due to its profile, but I was extremely honoured by the request and I believe it is a great challenge. I am confident that I will prove myself in this area as well. I am sure that I still have a lot to learn and train myself both professionally and as a leader. Fortunately, my colleagues and the leadership of the School support me in all this.

- Which groups belong to the department?

- The department has not been divided because the activities related to quality management and institutional development cannot be clearly separated from each other, in fact, they are an integral part of each other. We are primarily responsible for the strategic operation of the quality management system aimed at the satisfaction of the School's students, colleagues and collaborating partners, and for helping the implementation of projects that support the ideas and goals of the leadership of the School.

- How many colleagues do you work with?

- The core of our organizational unit is the excellent staff of the Quality Management Group established in the spring of 2016, Tímea Vida and dr. Ibolya Traiber-Harth quality systems managers. My colleague, István Szabó who also worked in the team of the Registrar’s Office so far, has been transferred to the department in November, and will continue to assist us as a quality systems manager. István has been actively involved in the work of the group in recent years. Dr. Balázs Patczai, former head of the group will continue the operation and professional supervision of the department as chairman of the Quality Management Committee.

- In practice, how will the activities of the department manifest in everyday life?

- The main goal of our department is to keep the School processes in a "quality management" channel, with the help of internal audits, among others. This task of ours is the key to continuous improvement, and thus to our own development as well. The formation of the department primarily serves this purpose.

- How would you formulate your "ars poetica"?

- Continuously increasing the satisfaction of the School citizens, in accordance with the set goals of the leadership of the School.