Customer service

-   Study related administration and answering the questions of students personally in office hours, on the phone or via e-mail.

-    Maintenance of student and course director correspondence lists, sending out information of general interest

-   Transcripts, diploma supplements, course descriptions, student status certificates and preparing other certifications for present and former students

-   Keeping the contact with institutions, clinics and with other units of the University,  correspondence in connection with educational issues via e-mail or postal service

-   Announcing news, and other information

-  Administration for transfer students from other institutions of higher education

-  Administration of auditors and students with Erasmus scholarship


Tasks related to the procedures of the academic year

-    Compiling the schedule of the academic year, timetables and Faculty publications (syllabus, curricula, course descriptions)

-    Participating in the organization and coordination of Faculty open days  as well as of  orientation days

-    Providing all sorts of administration concerning the summer-, and 6th year practices (e.g. accreditation), the coordination of curricula’s revision and updating

-    Coordinating and organizing the tasks regarding scholarships

-    Administration of Faculty transfers

-    Cooperation with the Finance Office concerning tuition fees

-    Preparing guides and procedures both for students and lecturers related to educational duties and their administration


Arranging all kinds of administration for final year students (making a schedule; tasks concerning thesis, final examinations and diploma related issues - in the case the students are enrolled after 2006- and diploma supplements).

Supporting the work of Faculty Committees (Educational-, Credit Transfer-, Curriculum-, Feedback-, Committees, and the Committees for the Handicapped and Disciplinary Affairs.)