Prior information on the schedule of the semester and the cost reduction measures at the Faculty

14 October 2022

Dear Students,

we hereby inform you in advance that with the permission of the Rector at the Medical School the instruction period will end on December 9, 2022 and the exam period will be held between December 12, 2022 – January 27, 2023 in accordance with the original schedule of the academic year.

The detailed Dean’s Order regarding the upcoming period of the 2022/2023 fall semester will be available on the homepage of the Registrar’s Office during next week.

As you have been informed in the recent days the University of Pécs also introduced cost reduction measures in order to be able to carry out its activities even at the increased energy prices. The general decisions on this matter are specified in Order No.2/2022 of the Rector-Chauncellor-President of the Clinical Centre. According to the Order the faculties may derive from its provisions with the Rector’s permission in order to be able to provide the proper performance of their educational, research and other activities.

The Medical School immediately requested the Rector’s permission also for the sake of being able to maintain the stable and predictable conditions neccessary for the students’s academic progress.

The Faculty is committed to ensure the academic progress of students, however, it also has the obligation of involvement in the cost reduction objectives of the University. Therefore, we ask for the students’ understanding and cooperation so that the energy efficient operation can be provided  in the longer term with the help of reasonable facility management. Accordingly, the following measures will be introduced in the buildings of the Faculty:

  • the temperature will be set to 18°C in the hallways and 20°C in lecture rooms/seminar rooms and offices,
  • use of additional heating devices (eg.: electric heater) in the buildings is forbidden,
  • purchase of energy-saving and motion sensor light bulbs,
  • the sports hall and swimming pool will be closed expectedly until March 10, 2023,
  • during the exam period the buildings cannot be attended between 0:00-07:00.


Best regards,

Registrar’s Office