Information on the extraordinary exam period of the 2020/2021 fall semester

Dear Students!


We would like to inform you that in the fall semester of 2020/2021 the Faculty provides opportunity to make up for exams in the extraordinary exam period for those students who could not complete any of their exams in the regular exam period due to epidemiological circumstances or other exceptional reasons worthy of special consideration.

We call your attention that the number of exam places offered in the extraordinary exam period will be limited, therefore, please strive to take your exams in the regular exam period!


1. Most important deadlines of the extraordinary exam period:



(between February 1, 2021 and February 5, 2021)




Registering for extraordinary exams

in Neptun

between January 25. 8am and January 27. 4pm

students, administrative officers of the RO


2. Students are entitled to take exams in the extraordinary exam period in the following cases:


  1. Participating in volunteer work connected to the fight against COVID.
  2. Official secondment connected to the fight against COVID
  3. Being treated and/or put in quarantine due to COVID-19 involvement
  4. Certifying other reasons worthy of special consideration (based on the individual consideration of the Educational Committee).


3. Neccessary documents to apply for the extraordinary exam period:


  1. Volunteer work contract, certificate or
  2. Resolution, certificate from the governmental office on the secondment  or
  3. Resolution from the epidemiological authority or medical institution about ordering the official quarantine or isolation, or
  4. Other official document certifying the exceptional reason worthy of special consideration (eg.: medical certificate)


4. Important information:

  1. Registering for the exams of the extraordinary exam period is possible only with the help of the Registrar’s Office’s colleagues! Students’ individual exam registrations in Neptun are invalid!
  2. Only proper, complete applications (neccessary documents attached) will be evaluated! If there is a lack of the supporting document or the exam date is missing or falsely indicated, the Registrar’s Office has the right to reject the application.
  3. Those students who had already sent their supporting document to the RO earlier are not obliged to send it again, but we suggest to to indicate the date of the original sending in the application e-mail.
  4. If the student refers to other, exceptional reasons worthy of special consideration or if his/her eligibility for the extraordinary exam cannot be decided unequivocally, the Educational Committee will make the decision about the exam registration based on the attached supporting documents. Following the decision – depending on the result - the administrative officer of the RO will register the student for the exam or inform him/her about the rejection of the application.
  5. If the student’s extraordinary exam would be the 3rd or further exam within the same subject, the student is obliged to transcribe and pay the retake exam fee in Neptun. Furthermore, if the extraordinary exam would be the 4th exam within the given subject in the current semester, the request for Dean’s exam chance must also be submitted.
  6. Those students who are entitled for the extraordinary exam, but are still taking exam in the 7th week of the regular exam period (between January 25-29) and are not sure whether they will actually need the extraordinary exam are still advised to submit their application within the deadline and they shall promptly notify their administrative officer if their exam in the last week of January was successful or unsuccessful. If the exam in the 7th exam week was successful, the administrative officer will delete the student’s extraordinary exam registration.
  7. Bettering examination is NOT possible in the extraordinary exam period!  


5. Order of applying for the extraordinary exam period:


Wishing you a successful exam period,

best regards:


dr. Nóra Baán