Election of the President

Any student who is an active member of the faculty can submit an application for the election announced by the University Student Council (EHÖK). Candidates must then obtain a written recommendation from at least 5% of the total number of students in the faculty during the period of the call. Candidates are required to hold a public debate forum. This is followed by the election, which lasts for at least 3 working days and until at least 25% of the active full-time students of the faculty in question have verified their attendance. After the closure of voting the candidate with the majority of votes will be awarded the 2-year mandate.

Team composition

The elected president has the possibility to select team members on the basis of a mandate or a tender. In the current cycle, the vice-president and committee heads have been selected on a mandate basis, while the rapporteurs and committee members have been selected on a public call for applications.


The process of application and voting, as well as the legality of the formation, is monitored from cycle to cycle by the University Student Council’s Supervisory Committee which is independent of the faculty sub-governments and is therefore an objective and impartial monitoring body even in the case of multiple candidates.

The Supervisory Committee also monitors the proper functioning of the Assembly of Delegates of the established Student Council, and thus the decision-making process of our entire organisation, and intervenes if it detects any malfunctioning.