The duty of the president and the vice-presidents is to coordinate the whole team, to prepare the new projects and to supervise the current tasks. They maintain good relationships with the offices and organizations of the university and the faculty in order to react faster to student complaints and questions. As a permanent member of the Dean’s Council they can always represent the interest of the students with which they have a great impact on the faculty’s life and its development.

Leadership rapporteurs

Presidential Rapporteur

Works closely with both the presidency and the organization's rapporteurs and committees. Helps their work by overseeing and managing specific projects and participating in day-to-day activities. In addition he is responsible for the administration of the Faculty Assembly of Delegates and prepares written transcripts of both these and the internal meetings of the Council.

External Affairs Rapporteur

The aim of the Rapporteur is to improve the communication and relationship between International and Hungarian students by organizing mutual programs. We represent every student of our Faculty, therefore close relationship and cooperation with the EGSC is inevitable to be truly able to understand the problems and challenges our fellow students are facing.


Manages and tracks student work in contact with the relevant faculty offices. Provides information to students about the jobs available. Works closely with the Presidential Rapporteur and assists their work in daily administrative activities.

Educational Division

Education Rapporteur

The unquestionably most important task of the educational coordinator is providing support to students' requests regarding educational issues and informing students about various organizational rules. The rapporteur knows both the Code of Studies and Examinations and the Code of Charges and Benefits of the University of Pécs well and represents the best interests of the students at the meetings of the Educational Committee, the Credit Transfer Committee and the Feedback Committee as well.

Educational Development and Support Committee

Monitors the structure, thematic and the examination method of the subjects. Based on systemic criteria the Committee makes packages of proposals regarding certain subjects and presents them to the Dean’s Leadership along with the results of the student questionnaires. The work of the committee ranges from the basic module to the rotational year. Moreover, the committee organizes quick study guides for both first-year students and upper year students based on their own experiences regarding study related issues. The committee represents the best interests of the students at the meetings of the Curriculum Committee on the matters of changes regarding the curriculum.

PR Division

Communication Committee

This committee is responsible for the constant relationship between the students and the Student Council. This two-way communication is provided by the coordination of the social media platforms, checking and responding to incoming messages on different sites on a daily basis. It keeps the organization's communication strategy up to date to the changing needs.

Media Committee

Responsible for the quality and timeliness of the content appearing on the faculty website of the Council and the Confabula magazine. Provides assistance in solving IT-related problems, participates in the preparation of student guides and manages photo and video materials taken at events. Provides information about applications and tenders for students.

Marketing Rapporteur

Expands our brand elements, defines the marketing strategy of the Council and searches for supporters, both for continuously available student discounts and for the sponsorship of major events.

Event Organizer Division

Event Organizer Committee

In order to improve the community and the daily life of our students we provide various programs, for instance recreational activities, entertainment, workshops, scientific, cultural or even art related events.

Sports Rapporteur

Work in close cooperation with the Sports and Physical Education Center of our Faculty and with the University Sport Office. Creates, promotes and improves prestigious sport events with the help of the Event Organizer Committee.

Dentistry Committee

They are responsible for keeping the dentistry community together, encouraging professional development by solving problems regarding education and by creating extracurricular events. Of particular importance is the organization and the coordination of the annually held traditional UPMS Dentistry Days.


Office Manager

Helps us with our organizational tasks and provides assistance in matters requiring administration. Furthermore, the Office Manager is available to answer the questions for those who visit our Diákiroda on matters regarding daily life and events of our Faculty.