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Voluntary work for students

We are looking for UP MS students for volunteer work connected to the fight against COVID. The following activities are available:

  • Patient care
  • COVID-19 sampling
  • Driving
  • Social work (shopping, transporting goods,...)

You can sign up for these activites in this form.


Contact our and the EHÖK representatives via the following e-mail addresses with specific questions:


Volunteering gives students the right for free use of public transport across the country. In order to use the discount, students need an active students status certificate (or valid student card), and the proof of volunteering given by the head of department. Students are exempt from the curfew for the duration of travel to and from the place of work. The necessary form needs be filled by the employer and can be found here.

If anyone has symptoms or has a positive test result, they have to report that to the following:


After a positive test, return to the Clinical Centre volunteering activities is possible after two negative PCR tests. Tests are conducted for free at FMK at Nyár st 8; students only have to show a copy of their volunteer contract and the previous positive test result.

If a student is commuting between COVID care and non-COVID care facilities for their various volunteering tasks, then a PCR test is needed after COVID care before the non-COVID care tasks can be started. Test(s) are conducted for free at FMK at Nyár st 8; students only have to show a copy of their volunteer contract and the previous positive test result.


According to the standpoint of the UP Operative Board, volunteering is considered outstanding social activity, therefore volunteer students are eligible for applying for a preferential course schedule, based on the Code of Studies and Examinations of the University of Pécs Article 46, paragraph 4/d.

Applications for preferential course schedule must be handed in to the Registrar’s Office, with a copy of the volunteer contract attached. The signed contract will be sent back by the employer, signed and scanned.

Dean’s equity

Students who took part in volunteering for at least two weeks are eligible to apply for one extra Dean’s equity if they cannot or will not use it as credit or clinical practice.

Accepting health care volunteer work

Volunteer hours will be accepted as elective credits for the clinical block practice (for both autumn and spring semesters) based on the number of volunteer weeks (two weeks=elective credits, or students can choose to have them as technical credits).

Fourth and fifth year students can use their volunteer work as summer Surgery practice (max. 1 week), and/or for the rotational year practices as block practices.

In their rotational year students can choose if they want to use their volunteer time as elective practice (0 credit), block practice (2 elective or facultative credits every two weeks), or use them for other rotational year practices:
Internal Medicine: max. 2 weeks (60 hours)
Family Medicine: max. 2 weeks (60 hours)
Paediatrics: max. 2 weeks (60 hours)
Neurology: max. 1 week (30 hours)
Psychiatry: max. 2 weeks (60 hours)
Surgery - Traumatology: max. 2 weeks (60 hours)
Emergency Medicine: max. 2 weeks (60 hours)
Obstetrics and Gynaecology: max. 2 weeks (60 hours).

Ways to count toward summer practices:
Hospital Care practice: max. 1 week (30 hours)
Internal Medicine practice: max. 1 week (30 hours)
Surgery practice: max. 1 week (30 hours).

One period of volunteering can only be accepted as one practice (Two weeks of volunteering cannot account for two weeks of block practice and rotational year practice, but four weeks can be divided in two for both).

For rotational year students it is possible to volunteer for two weeks multiple times, but in this case these periods can only be accepted for different practices, or as volunteer elective practice.

Booklet for Clinical Skills

The clinical skills attainable from the Booklet for Clinical Skills during student volunteering can be found here.

The basic condition for their acceptance is that the student completes an average of at least 4 of these skills per week on a documented basis and submits a certificate of this together with a copy of the certificate of the voluntary work to the Registrar’s Office.

The leader or the office overseeing the student’s voluntary work is authorized to sign the mentioned point of the Booklet for Clinical Skills.