Demonstrator Activity courses

The courses 'Demonstrator Activity 1-8'


The aim of the subjects is to promote and acknowledge activity of enthusiastic and devoted students who successfully participate in assisting with delivery of teaching under supervision.

The group of subjects may be taken up in 8 follow-up semesters for the total of 16 credits. Each course is worth of 2 elective credit points, and the new subjects have pre-requisites like completion of the previous ones. Courses following one another may be taken up later not necessarily in the forthcoming semester.

The course supervisor is a member of the Circle of Demonstrators.

Prerequisites prior to enrolling for the subjects may be either a registered demonstrator position, and acknowledgement written by the instructor  about demonstration or education assisting activity within the frames of a subject, or a successfully completed demonstrator training organized by the MediSkillsLab, or an at least one-semester certified participation in the work of HuMSIRC.

Prerequisites for the subject „Demonstrator activity 1”

The student enrolling in this course should have at least one semester registered demonstration activity prior to taking up the subject, during which she/he could get a deep insight into the work, the topic and collaborate with the supervisor of the institute/clinic/ department. Furthermore, an electronic acceptance form from the institute/clinic/ department is necessary for the given semester. Membership of the Circle of Demonstrators (DDK in Hungarian) does not oblige registration for the course, but only registered DDK members can take up the course in the Neptun electronic records system.

Assessment criteria

Requirements include a 24-hour documented teaching assistance and management and/or participating in educational development activities, half of which should be in-class teaching with the presence of the demonstrator and undergraduate students verified by the consultant instructor.

The work of the demonstrator should be regularly assessed in a feedback form by the students. Marking scheme should be based on two mid-term tests regarding the activity of teaching, and then the subject supervisor recommends a grade. Adequate command of the specific language of the course enables demonstrators to take part in it's teaching.


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