Biophysics Seminars 1


Offizielle Daten in der Fachveröffentlichung für das folgende akademische Jahr: 2022-2023



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  • Kode des Kurses: OAE-BO1-T
  • 1 kredit
  • General Medicine
  • Elective modul
  • autumn

OAA-BI1-T parallel

Zahl der Kursteilnehmer für den Kurs:

min. 3 – max. 40


The objective of the course is to advance the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to Biophysics 1. Object-oriented discussions and problem solving sessions are organized in interactive small-group seminars.




  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Basics of quantum physics, Electromagnetic waves, photoelectric effect
  • 3. LASER, Absorption photometry
  • 4. Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • 5. Flow cytometry, X-ray diagnostics, CT
  • 6. Infrared and Raman spectroscopy, Thermodynamics
  • 7. X-ray, X-ray diffraction
  • 8. Diffusion, osmosis
  • 9. The cell membrane, resting potential, action potential
  • 10. Fluid flow, cardiac biophysics
  • 11. Cytoskeletal system, motor proteins, muscle function and regulation
  • 12. Test writing

Materialien zum Aneignen des Lehrstoffes

Obligatorische Literatur

Vom Institut veröffentlichter Lehrstoff

All handouts and other related materials can be found in the Teams group of the course.


Damjanovich Sándor, Fidy Judit, Szöllősi János (eds.): Medical Biophysics, Medicina, Budapest, 2008

Empfohlene Literatur

Voraussetzung zum Absolvieren des Semesters

Maximum of 15 % absence allowed


There will be no midterm exam.

Möglichkeiten zur Nachholung der Fehlzeiten

None. Based on previous agreement with the lecturer the student can attend the seminar with another group, another day on the same week.


On week 12, a single-choice test of 20-30 questions is being written.
The questions of the test focus on the content of the material given at the seminars of the actual semester.
In case of a failed test, we provide the opportunity to write a replacement test in the same week.
Further details can be found in the Teams group of the course.


Praktika, Seminarleiter/innen

  • Dr. Szatmári Dávid Zoltán
  • Dr. Takács-Kollár Veronika Tünde
  • Dr. Telek Elek
  • Dr. Ujfalusi Zoltán