Student representative election

Candidates who have submitted a successful application to the faculty-specific call for election by Egyetemi Hallgatói Önkormányzat aka EHÖK (Student Council of PTE) can be elected. A maximum of three students of the General Medicine Program, one student of the Dentistry Program and one student of the Biotechnology Program can be elected. The election lasts at least 3 workdays and until at least 25% of the active full-time students of the given faculty have verified their participation. Following the election, the applicants with the majority of the votes will win the 1-year mandate.

The currently elected student representatives:

  • Kata Borbála Gábor (Dentistry)
  • Orsolya Kovács (General Medicine)
  • Anna Kőházy (Dentistry)
  • Ivana Martić (General Medicine)
  • Barnabás Rozmán (General Medicine)
  • Balázs Takáts (General Medicine)


The Assembly of Delegates is the approval body of the Student Council. The tasks of the Assembly include supervision of the operation of the counciland decision making regarding personal matters. In the meetings the elected student representatives, the president, and the vice-president can vote.

The University Student Council’s (EHÖK) Supervisory Committee is a supervisory board that is responsible for controlling the legal operation of the Assembly of Delegates and the organization itself. That includes proper administration, keeping the deadlines, providing information and maintaining the security of the voting.

Every financial decision runs through both the Financial Division of the University Student Council (EHÖK) and the Chancellery thus guaranteeing a rigorously controlled process all the way.

Board meetings

Meetings are open to everyone, so any student of the Faculty can participate, if (s)he sends an e-mail with the intent of participation at least 2 days prior to the Board Meeting to the secretary of the Assembly.

The public nature of the meetings cannot violate personal rights, therefore a closed meeting can be ordered, if a public discussion of any matter might come with the violation of personal rights, or if it has a potential to violate sensitive financial interests.

The date for the next public meeting:
No public meetings scheduled for the near future.

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