Über uns

Election of a president
Following the announcement of the elections by the Student Council of the University of Pécs (EHÖK), candidates who successfully file an application need to obtain written endorsements from at least 5% of the number of students having active student status at the given faculty during the endorsement period. Afterwards, candidates must participate in a public debate. The election will last until at least 25% of the given faculty’s active full-time students have participated in the election in a confirmed manner, but at least for 3 workdays. After the voting is closed, the two-year mandate will pass to the applicant with the majority of the votes.

Putting together a team
The elected president has an opportunity to select team members based on assignment and/or applications. In the current term, the vice-president and the Heads of the Committees were elected based on assignment, while rapporteurs and committee members were selected for the team based on applications. Decent Hungarian knowledge was an essential condition for applying, as it is the Council’s work language. Exceptions to this are the members of the External Affairs Committee, as their work is mostly done in English or German.

The composition of our team
Our Education Rapporteur handles matters related to studies and the Code of Studies and Examinations (CSE).
Our Dentistry Rapporteur acts to represent the interests of dentistry students and is also responsible for organizing the Dentistry Days of Pécs.
The Communication Committee is responsible for the communication towards you and within our organization, and also for marketing.
The tasks of the Educational Development Committee include liaising with the institutes, discussing issues and presenting possible solutions related to the development of subjects.
The External Affairs Committee maintains contacts between Hungarian and foreign students in cooperation with the EGSC, and organizes the Language Café.
The Sport and Culture Committee organizes and coordinates events with sport, educational or entertaining nature.

Last but not least, our Head of the Office will be happy to answer all the questions of those who are visiting the Diákiroda (2nd floor). Each of our tasks starts, happens and ends with her.

Assembly of Delegates, student representatives
Members of the Medical School’s Assembly of Delegates are also elected by the students. Students may vote for those who file successful applications in response to the call for student representatives, announced by the EHÖK in a specific manner for each faculty. Votes may be cast for no more than 3 students in the general medicine program, 1 student in the dentistry program, and 1 student in the Biotechnology MSc program. The election here will also last until at least 25% of the faculty’s active full-time students have participated in the election in a confirmed manner, but at least for 3 workdays. After the voting is closed, the one-year mandate will pass to the applicants with the majority of the votes.

Their duties will include supervising the operation of the Hungarian Student Council, decision-making on personal matters, and approving the budgets. The president, the vice-president and the elected student representatives have the right to vote in the Meeting. In addition, a member of the Communication Committee will attend for administrative reasons and the members of the EHÖK Supervisory Board will attend for supervisory reasons, but they have no right to vote.