Our most important task is the full representation of the interest of students. We establish connections with Faculty and University organizations, institutes and offices so every student can get the best possible treatment in all aspects of their university life.


We keep the students up to date with news, deadlines, and free-time activities. Everyone can find the ideal way to communicate with us through our wide range of platforms. In addition, we are available in case of personal enquiries at the Diákiroda (main building, 2nd floor) or online.

Educational counseling

We are also engaged in the academic progress of students. We organize crash course training regularly to provide participants with useful advice to overcome the difficulties of the new modules ahead. Our Education Rapporteur helps with questions regarding studies and the interpretation of the law on education. készséggel nyújt segítséget a tanulmányokat érintő kérdések megválaszolásában, illetve az oktatásra vonatkozó jogszabály értelmezésében.

Educational development

We present a set of proposals to the Leadership of the Faculty based on student experience, with the aim to optimize the education and curriculum. We help the communication with teachers and professors. We also provide opportunities for students to help their own and next generation educational development.


A cornerstone of our communication is to hand over various regulations and university provisions in brief, but easy-to-understand form. We try our best to create handouts of hardly comprehensible legal wordings and briefing documents which contain all necessary and useful information. This way, we provide an easier orientation in the administrative procedures of the University and give support to resolve cases fast and efficiently.


We help the various student organizations with infrastructural background, tools and with the student workforce to help to organize their different events successfully. For the newly founded organizations and clubs we provide as much support as they need to start their activities.


Culture, entertainment, education, gastronomy, and all of these in one: Confabula is the student newspaper of the University of Pécs Medical School. Our organization is the responsible publisher and main supporter of Confabula. The newspaper is available in print and online – furthermore you can enjoy the colourful, reading-encouraging abstracts through social media. Find out more, be up to date and get to know life in the University from another perspective!


By involving plenty of enthusiastic senior students, we provide smooth integration and orientation of freshmen. Instructors not only give advice through Freshmen Camp, but also help with any occurring questions you may have.

Relationship building

Through our different events, we provide the opportunity to make new relationships and maintain existing ones as well. We pay special attention to students from different nations and cultures to get to know each other and strengthen the acceptance among them. The students have the chance to get to know not only their fellow students, but also their teachers and professor, at some of our special events.

Sports life

Sport is for everyone so it is no secret that we intend to encourage movement and build a community based on team sports, which we want to bring to you by providing the necessary conditions and opportunities. We present the sports teams of our Faculty and their fights in the championships through a dedicated platform. We ensure that we can encourage them as one at the competitions with fan movements. Through amateur sports tournaments everyone has a chance to try their hand at their favorite sport.

Job opportunities

Events and programs organized by the University and by our organization require student work. We promote these opportunities in dedicated groups for enthusiastic students, who can earn money in the form of scholarship.

Sale and purchase

We run a variety of online platforms for medical students to sell their unnecessary books, notes, and surplus items and they can browse the ads of their fellow students too.