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Freshman Camp

The first encounter with “university” life, future friends and love. We work year after year to provide the freshmen with the greatest and most memorable experiences of their lives and to teach them vital songs and melodies they won’t forget even as a practicing doctor. The future medics will be able to participate in many challenging yet exciting programs and competitions.

Freshman Ball

It has now become a tradition that every year one of the biggest events of the fall comes with new themes, programs and performers to greet first-year students at the University. It provides an excellent opportunity to expand relationships, either by getting to know the leadership and the instructors of the Faculty or by meeting senior students.

Medical Cup

Every year there is a clash between the 4 Hungarian medical universities which has been moving generations of students since 1972. It involves competing in several sports with the support of the accompanying fans. Over the last ten years it had a tremendous popularity among contestants, fans and university leaders as well.


The Healthcare Higher Education Days, or EFeN, is a multi-day event held in the spring of each year with a series of professional, cultural and sports programs. Night bathing, health day, music events and other colorful programs follow one another for a week.

UPMS Dentistry Days

This annual series of events provides an opportunity for dentistry students to participate in various professional lectures and workshops. It also helps make friends and get to know each other and our instructors through community programs.


Various workshops are held within the framework of some events (e.g. EFeN) or as well as on their own, where students can acquire and deepen different skills in online or face-to-face meetings. Not only manual skills (e.g. laparoscopic workshop) can be practiced in these but it is also possible to learn a patient-oriented, diagnostic way of thinking (e.g. Insimu).

Language Café

Here you can always expect a coffee, tea and of course a pleasant company. Its aim is to bring Hungarian and International students closer together with fun language games that are also suitable for developing language skills.

Beerpong tournaments

A great challenge where not only your throwing precision matters. Matches are conducted according to an official set of rules. Music and good atmosphere are guaranteed so we recommend it not only for competitors as it is an excellent program to start a wonderful evening.

Medical Thursdays

A party series primarily for medical students that is held on Thursdays of the instruction period at Pécsi Est Café. It is characterized by a phenomenal atmosphere where Hungarian and International performers provide a variety of musical styles. It’s a great opportunity to relax from the fatigue of the week and get to know your fellow students.

Halfway Party

In a student’s life passing an exam is a big stepping stone as it brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams. Those who have completed half of their university studies will celebrate this in a worthy way at the Halfway Party. General Medicine students may celebrate after their third year, while dentistry and pharmacy students can raise a toast after five successful semesters. The fun atmosphere of the aula party is always guaranteed by great performers.

Wine dinner

Students may have a pleasant, community-building recreation where they can get to know the wine regions near Pécs in the form of both wine tastings and wine dinners. In cooperation with the Research Institute of Viticulture and Enology it is also possible to taste the wines of the University.

Outdoor and adventure competitions

It is a healthy and fun recreation and for non-local students it is an excellent opportunity to get to know the city of Pécs and the beautiful landscapes of the Mecsek mountain. Students have to locate various local attractions and solve tasks related to them. The most successful team will be rewarded of course.

Sport tournaments

Persistent training and practice is not in vain. Nothing proves all this better than a sports tournament where our teams can compete in a variety of sports across the city’s facilities. Together we can support our teams, enjoy the performances of POTE Cheerleaders, and experience the team spirit as we sing POTE OLLÉ! with our peers as one person.

E-sport tournaments

Digitalisation has become essential nowadays so home tournaments are held in this world as well in cooperation with the local e-sports association. The popularity of the competitive games that form the basis of these tournaments is constantly growing so the repertoire is expanding and becoming more colorful as well.


Like so many, we love to play boardgames as well. Once you find a game that suits your mood you know it can only be a good night. Participants may choose from an entire closet of games, from basic card games to complex big board games.


It’s a great option if we want to break free from the pressures of the university curriculum but still want a spiritual challenge. You can compete for great prizes in teams during a loose evening program by answering questions on a variety of topics.

Dean’s Q&A

The event is held a few times a semester, during which students have the opportunity to have a joint conversation with the Dean over a coffee or tea. He may talk about either faculty or everyday issues and will be happy to answer any questions the students may have.