Medical Ethics and Behavioral Science for Dentists


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  • Kód: OSA-EAD-T
  • 1 kredit
  • Dentistry
  • Basic modul
  • autumn


Kurzus létszámkorlát

min. 5 fő – max. 999 fő


Technical and ethical decisions are inseparably interwoven in dentistry, and that is why the high quality of dental care requires professionals who are aware of the ethical standards governing health care activity. Within the course, students will acquire knowledge about the most fundamental norms of modern medical ethics, and about how these norms are implemented in dental practice. In addition, during the course, students will gain practically applicable knowledge about those sociological, communicational and psychological aspects of physician-patient relationship, which have ethical relevance in dental care.


  • 1. Introduction: the relation between technical and ethical decisions in dental care. - Dr. Szolcsányi Tibor
  • 2. The most fundamental norms of medical ethics and their application to dentistry. - Dr. Szolcsányi Tibor
  • 3. The most basic ethical standards of professional dental care - Dr. Szolcsányi Tibor
  • 4. Informed consent. The respect for the patients' autonomy and dignity - Dr. Szolcsányi Tibor
  • 5. Case-study discussions - Dr. Szolcsányi Tibor
  • 6. The placebo effect and its significance in dental practice. - Dr. Szolcsányi Tibor
  • 7. Stereotypes, prejudice and equal opportunities. - Hartung István
  • 8. The basic features of direct human communication, with special emphasis on some elements of non-verbal communication. - Hartung István
  • 9. The specific nature of physician-patient communication in dental care. - Dr. Birkás Béla
  • 10. The disclosure of medical errors. - Dr. Birkás Béla
  • 11. On how to reduce the patients’ anxiety in dental practice. - Dr. Tiringer István
  • 12. The adaptation abilities and the quality of life of elderly patients. - Dr. Tiringer István
  • 13. Case studies. - Dr. Szolcsányi Tibor
  • 14. Written test exam. - Dr. Szolcsányi Tibor



A tananyag elsajátításához szükséges segédanyagok

Kötelező irodalom

World Dental Federation: Dental Ethics Manual. Introduction, Chapters 1, 2 (pp. 14-64), 2007 ISBN 0-9539261-5-X

Saját oktatási anyag

Course materials: PotePedia, Neptun Meet Street, MS Teams



Ajánlott irodalom

Lambden, P.: Dental Law and Ethics, Radcliff Medical Press, Abingdon, 2002 ISBN 1 85775 911 7
Ethics Handbook for Dentists. An Introduction to Ethics, Professionalism and Ethical Decision Making. Gaithersburg, Md: American College of Dentists; 2012. Available at:
G.G. Kent and A.S. Blinkhorn: The Psychology of Dental Care. Dental Handbooks, John Wright, 1991
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A félév elfogadásának feltételei

Maximum of 15 % absence allowed

Félévközi ellenőrzések

Written test taking place in the last class. To improve the grade, the test can be repeated two times in the first two weeks of the exam period. Oral exam is also an option for that purpose.

Távolmaradás pótlásának lehetőségei

According to the Code of Studies and Examinations.




Gyakorlatok, szemináriumok oktatói

  • Dr. Birkás Béla
  • Dr. Szolcsányi Tibor
  • Dr. Tiringer István
  • Hartung István