Language development

Language Café

It brings together Hungarian and international students of the faculty in a place where they are waiting for you with coffee and cookies as well as with fun games. In this way it is possible to learn some everyday expressions and it is also suitable for establishing international relations.

UPMS Department of Languages

Language education in the traditional sense has been replaced by professional-communication, elective or optional courses. These are aimed at acquiring skills that are required for practicing the profession.


The name is intended to convey that it is professional language and at the same time, it is an examination, so it is a language test that gives a state-recognized exam certificate to professionals working in the medical and healthcare field.

UP Foreign Language Centre

In addition to traditional language courses, it organizes target courses for those who apply for the different levels of the ECL language exam. It helps applicants in preparing for the Goethe and TOEFL language exams, which can be taken at the Centre.