Hungarian Medical Students' Association (HuMSIRC)

It is a social organization founded for the benefit of medical professionals in Hungary. The Association's activities have two main parts: organization of international exchange programs and prevention activities in Baranya and the South Transdanubia region.

Teddy Bear Hospital

Kindergarten and elementary school children are introduced to medicine in such a way that the children act as "teddy doctors", while the "patient" is represented by their favorite toy. Its goal is that even if it is not possible to completely remove the children's fear of the medical work and of the white coat, we can reduce it to some extent with this play.

Hungarian Dentistry Students’ Association

This organisation (MFHE Pécs) keeps dentistry students informed about possibilities of holding prevention lectures, international exchange programs, the Dentistry Days and everything else concerning student life.


The health program of UPMS. Their goal is to help students and colleagues feel even better - not only at the University, but also in everyday life in general. They work to ensure that the conditions support the students' healthy lifestyle, balance, physical and mental health.